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Arco Iris Lodge

Arcoiris Jungle Lodge is located in Amazonia, one of the most picturesque parts of Ecuador on the banks of river Napo, which is the affluent of the most full-flowing river of the world Amazon. Arcoiris Jungle Lodge and can be reached in one hour by motor canoe from the town of Francisco de Orellana (El Coca). Our most comfortable bungalows are placed on the Napo riverbank on a high hill covered with jungle. We did our best to keep the atmosphere of a virgin forest, the great tranquility of the selva and the untouched nature so rare and thus precious nowadays.

Sacha Lodge

The journey to Sacha Jungle Lodge begins in Quito, Ecuador's capital city. From here, a 25-minute flight takes you over the Andes Mountains' majestic snow-covered peaks and down over 8500 feet (2600 meters) into the Amazon Region. The flight destination is the port town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana, locally known as Coca, where you will be met by a bilingual guide and taken to a private dock. Here we will pause for a snack and to use the rest rooms before boarding our covered motorized canoe for a 2-hour, 50-mile (80-kilometer) trip down the sediment-rich waters of the Napo, the largest river in Ecuadorian Amazonia.

Sani Lodge

Sani Lodge is truly a one of a kind Ecuador ecolodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give Sani Lodge guests the true experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.
Deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon you will find a mysterious lake called Challuacocha, where floating water hyacinths and grasses obscure the shores. Float here for a while, scanning the horizon and you would probably notice the yellow banded chest of an Aracari or hear the hoarse whisper of the Hoatzin. Come to Challuacocha and feel the mystery. Come to Challuacocha and experience the world of Sani Lodge.

Junge Discovery



Amazon Yachts Jungle DiscoveryThe best opportunity to enjoy the magic of the rain forest is onboard the "Jungle Discovery", a first class Yacht which is part of an ecotourism project operating in the deepest Ecuadorian Amazon forest in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and part of Peru. This extraordinary adventure waits for you to explore the very high biodiversity of these exotic landscapes and their exuberant wildlife. The Jungle Discovery offers its passengers full contact with nature with the maximum comfort and service. Our profound knowledge about the jungle assures you an unforgettable trip.

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, created in 1979, lies in the northeast of the province of Sucumbíos and Orellana and covers a territory of 655,781 hectares, between the river basins of the San Miguel and the Aguarico. This protected area of tropical humid forest is characterized by an amazing biodiversity. It has become an important Reserve because of its 14 spectacular lagoons created by lowland rainforest floods and the numerous rivers crossing the area.

Cuyabeno Reserve

In 1979 the Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve in the province of Sucumbios. Cuyabeno has 655.000 ha and is one of the best place in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin to introduce the visitor to the complex system of tropical lagoons, swamps and flooded areas inhabited by the Siona, Quichuas and other indian Communitties. Bird watching is spectacular over 515 species like the Prehistorical looking hoatzin, blue and yellow macaws, king fishers, cardinals and more. Capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys and the hawler will make your tour...

Yasuni National Park

Welcome to Napo Wildlife Center, Ecuador Amazon Ecolodge community management.
The Napo Wildlife Center, NWC Amazon Lodge, is the greatest and ultimate alternative luxury eco-hotel in Amazonian Ecuador. This ecotourism project includes the conservation of approximately over 82 square miles (53,500 acres - over 21,400 hectares ) of the most pristine Amazon Rain Forest within the Yasunì National Park, an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.


The remote Tropical Rainforest of the Shiripuno River offers a great number of species of the Amazonian Herpetofauna from tiny Glass Frogs (Cochranella sp.) resting on vegetation near to the water to the impressive Smoky Jungle Frogs (Leptodactylus pentadactylus) calling out from the river bank. Or bright colored Poison Frogs (Epipedobates sp.) can be found during the day calling from falling logs. The Tree Frogs (Hyla sp.) get very active as the night comes especially next to an oxbow lake.