Shiripuno Amazon Lodge Jungle

Shiripuno Amazon Lodge is the result of a unique arrangement with the Huaorani People from the Ñoneno Community. It is situated in the Pastaza and Orellana provinces, 75 Km. south from Coca on the Auca Road, on the Shiripuno River bank deep inside the Huaorani Anthropological Reserve.
The accommodations in the Shiripuno Amazon Lodge is a relaxing experience which are available for up to three people in one room with both single and double beds.  All rooms are provided with private bathrooms and hammocks.  No electricity is available and all light is by candle, making for a perfect harmony with the sight and sounds of the rainforest. Your stay can be combining as you prefer, with a minimum of 4 days and 3 nights. Naturalist and Natives Guides are provides and will show you how the complexity Amazon Rainforest works. The hikes in the forest are on established trail network, piranhas fishing, night hikes, and caiman observations at nights. At the end of the trip you will visit the Waorani village, and learn about their culture and customs. Here you will be able to enjoy the beauty and magic of virgin natural resources combined with ancestral knowledge of the Huaorani Culture. The Shiripuno Amazon Lodge is the result of a natural agreement in the areas of cooperation, training, conservation and d protection between the Huaorani community of Ñoneno and Shiripuno Tour Operator. The priority of the company is the conservation of the Huaorani Anthropology Reserve for future generations. The lodge was built on a small area of the Huaorani Anthropology Reserve, within the limits of the Yasuni National Park. This is one of the few ecological tourist projects of the area. Miss. Eugenia Nieto initially developed the project in 2001; it was conceived in view of the need to protect and preserve one of the most pristine sites in the Amazon, as well as involve native people in projects related to health, environment and conservation of fragile ecosystems.
The Shiripuno Amazon lodge is located on the Shiripuno River, nestled in the Huaorani Anthropological Reserve, 75 kilometers south of the city of Francisco de Orellana (Coca), Province of Orellana. The “El Auca” hotel in Coca is our point of gathering; here we will have our introduction to the Amazon and will go to the Shiripuno river, via the Auca road. The adventure starts right here!!
Location Coordinates:
S. 0º 06´ 282´´
W. 76º 43¨ 896´
The Shiripuno Amazon Lodge is one of the most remote ecological facilities with all the necessary conveniences to live in the jungle. The services are comfortable and clean. They will allow you to enjoy and learn about the biodiversity of the Humid Tropical Rainforest of Ecuador.
Our facilities were built to cause the least possible impact on the Amazon jungle as well as using materials motive to the area. The lodge has the capacity for 20 people that can accommodate single, double, triple and matrimonial rooms with private bathrooms. The lodge has a large dinning room and kitchen also a social area with hammocks. There is not electricity thus; we can guarantee a pleasant stay because of the tranquillity provided by the environment and the sounds of nature.
During your stay, you will enjoy our cooking. We offer three meals daily that combine both national and international cuisine. The food service is our priority and it is prepared with the highest standards of quality thus, satisfying the most demanding palates of our clients.
Our activities have been designed to help the guests appreciate the biodiversity of this remote location of the Amazon. Activities include hiking, birdwatching, mammals, insects, reptiles, frogs as well as medicinal plants and trees that are used by the indigenous people of the region.
The guiding is an educational, participative, conservationist, and professional criteria used by our guides, who also have a vast experience in the management of groups.
We have 30 kilometers of trails, each one with a special name such as: Colibri trail, Magical Canopy Trail, Saladero trail, etc... The experience obtained in other places has served us as a reference to create an alternative system of trails. This will help us protect this fragile ecosystem from the influence of heavy tourism.
Ñoneno is a small Huaorani village, which we will visit on the last day of your stay. The visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history and reality of the Huaorani Culture. It is very important for the relationship between the tourist and the community to respect the picture taking issue that has caused a lot of controversy in the world of tourism. For this reason we have an agreement with the community that picture taking will not be charged for, but that the visitors instead will help the community’s economy by buying local handicrafts. Our commitment is to transport our visitors into a mystic magical world, opened to the foreign world by naturalistic explorers that previously visited this marvellous ecosystem.
We are sure that the flexibility of our programs combined with good food, and actualized historical information, and the quality of the forest of the Huaorani Reserve will produce unforgettable memories and sensations in our visitors.

Cuyabeno Reserve

In 1979 the Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve in the province of Sucumbios. Cuyabeno has 655.000 ha and is one of the best place in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin to introduce the visitor to the complex system of tropical lagoons, swamps and flooded areas inhabited by the Siona, Quichuas and other indian Communitties. Bird watching is spectacular over 515 species like the Prehistorical looking hoatzin, blue and yellow macaws, king fishers, cardinals and more. Capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys and the hawler will make your tour...

Yasuni National Park

Welcome to Napo Wildlife Center, Ecuador Amazon Ecolodge community management.
The Napo Wildlife Center, NWC Amazon Lodge, is the greatest and ultimate alternative luxury eco-hotel in Amazonian Ecuador. This ecotourism project includes the conservation of approximately over 82 square miles (53,500 acres - over 21,400 hectares ) of the most pristine Amazon Rain Forest within the Yasunì National Park, an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.


The remote Tropical Rainforest of the Shiripuno River offers a great number of species of the Amazonian Herpetofauna from tiny Glass Frogs (Cochranella sp.) resting on vegetation near to the water to the impressive Smoky Jungle Frogs (Leptodactylus pentadactylus) calling out from the river bank. Or bright colored Poison Frogs (Epipedobates sp.) can be found during the day calling from falling logs. The Tree Frogs (Hyla sp.) get very active as the night comes especially next to an oxbow lake.